Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Been Awhile

It feels like forever since I have posted! The past two weeks have been really crazy and not with just my parents visiting. Other things that happened in my life that I could have honestly did without. My parents was a great time like it always is. The crazy part was I got about 4 hours of sleep each day that they were here. Working night shift has draw backs and I felt bad sleeping during the day while they were up.

I'm still trying to figure out which post to start with. I think I'll go ahead with my pictures from last week when I took my parents up to Gettysburg, PA. *I heard about the American Civil War Wax Museum and that was our first stop.My confession for this month is I have NEVER been inside of a wax museum. Whenever I went on vacation as a kid with my family, my parents would say it was too much money. Having to pay for 5 kids and then them, I can only imagine how much that would cost! Growing up with two best friends that saved every penny the thought of going never came up either.

After my trip through this one I doubt I will ever go again. It didn't help the area with all the wax figures was completely dark with small lights here and there. It didn't help that a couple of scenes were on a ship so the museum had the whole scene moving and cracking, making ship sounds. It made my skin crawl. I am not one for haunted houses/etc. The only haunted house I will enter is at Disneyland. I kept expecting a wax figure to move and scare the crap out of me the whole time through.At the end was a movie about the battle in the Gettysburg area during the civil war. It was interesting and of course the wax figures were involved. My parents rather enjoyed the museum.

After that we went to a few battlefields that few people go too. My mom asked me so I was happy to show her. I took some pictures along the way. It was my first time seeing cows grazing on the battlefields. I never knew farmers were allowed to do this. There are signs all over about people not wandering around on the battlefields. You are suppose to look from the roads and that's it.

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