Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dice Bags Everywhere!

My recent projects and what I'm working on seem to center around dice bags. What every nerd needs no matter what they love! Currently I am working on about ten dice bags to donate to a friend. I'll write more about that later on when I'm closer to being done.

Some other recent dice bags I completed is a Rock Lee themed dice bag for my boyfriend and a friend. I loved coming up with this on my own and it was so much fun. My boyfriend got me into Naruto and Shippuden this year. I watched all of Naruto fairly fast. I love the series so much and I'll be cosplaying as Hinata later on this year.

Anyways, on to the completed dice bags!

I will also be attending GenCon in a few weeks and was excited to find out that Wil Wheaton will be there as a guest! I have loved this man for years and everything nerdy he has done. So I wanted to give him something and thought a dice bag would be perfect. I'm not sure honestly how I will give it to him. I'm fairly shy and have been a fan for years. We will see and I'm sure, my boyfriend will give me a push.