Friday, June 24, 2011

Gettysburg, PA

I forgot to post these photos I took a few weekends ago. I took a visit to Gettysburg, PA to try out my new camera lenses. Tons of open fields to "play" in and since I live so close it wasn't a long drive. I found a few battlefields off the beaten path and was happy to go down the roads by myself. I did get a few bug bites since I kept jumping in and out of my car, wandering into the long grass for better photos. I'm sure my pasty white skin was like sweet chocolate to bugs.

I'll more then likely be going back in a few weeks. My parents are visiting all the way from Illinois and my mom loves history. It's the 150th anniversary in Gettysburg this year so I promised to take her. I'll have more historical photos when I visit with her.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finished Projects and New Ones

I attempted my first Friendship Books for a swap on Swap-Bot. I was to create 3 for me and 3 for my partner. It did take me a little bit putting these together. Since they were my first attempt I didn't want them to come out horribly wrong. I'm hoping my partner likes what I made for her. It will be interesting when I get my Friendship Books back to see where they have been.

Here is the pear scarf I was creating for my Best Friend C. I made it a bit longer then what the pattern called for since C's height is 5'10". Since I'm the same height it was easy for me to figure out the right length for her. Pattern is from Twinkie Chan's book Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies.

Now to start on other Christmas presents. I started working on a strawberry and kiwi scarf for other best friend B. I'm completely making up the pattern as I go along which has taken longer. I did finish figuring out the pattern so I should be able to start the scarf soon.

I also got everything together for my next epic cross-stitch project: Mario Thru the Ages. The cross-stitch fabric I have is huge and it's a 22 count. I started with my stitches today which is proving a pain to keep count of. I now have a notebook handy to write down every 10 stitches I cross-stitch to keep everything straight. I have started though which is usually the annoying part. Trying to count where the first stitch will go. Counting over and over again to make sure I'm right.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Epic Cross-Stitch Project

After looking through the Sprite Stitch forums once again I found what I'm working on for my next bit cross-stitch project. Mario Thru the Ages:A total of 62 colors! I have already spent a hour going through my whole supply of thread marking off what I already have. That added up to not even being half of what I need so it's a trip to the craft store for me. It was suggested as well that gray would look better for the background. Every fabric I have is 14 and 16 count though which would make the end project so huge it would cover half a wall I'm sure. I am hoping to find some 20 count cross-stitch fabric. I already have a feeling it will take me awhile to at least gather all the supplies I need.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden Work

I was out in my garden again today working with my camera. Just wanted to share some photos. My veggies are growing nicely and I can't wait to munch on them! Veggies taste so much better when you grow them yourself. My flowers are blooming as well so I couldn't pass that up.

A couple of weeks ago I harvested my roman lettuce for the first time. My guinea pigs loved it and was happily munching away. I was nervous at first because I didn't know how the taste would be. They never paused a moment when munching on the lettuce.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finished Epic Mario Cross-Stitch

A project I started 9 months ago. I have never taken on this big of a cross-stitch project before in all my 19 years of cross-stitching. I am beyond impressed with myself and happy it's completed. Now the next annoyance is trying to find a frame to fit the finished piece. I can't wait to submit it to the Shippensburg Fair at the end of July and have it judged.

I kind of feel sad it's over. I might have to look through my saved cross-stitch files of big projects and start another one. After the fair this will be hanging in my home and I can't wait for that.

The Super Mario Bros pattern was taken from Sprite Stitch.

Birthday and Swaps

Today is my birthday! Here is a amazing card I got from my brother and sister-in-law. They know me so well and my love of guinea pigs. I only wish I could get mine to stay that still without putting goodies in front of them.

I also got another swap in the mail which I was highly excited when I opened the package! It's a FLUFFY unicorn!! I love it! Krista over at Krista311 created this lovely unicorn. She does amazing work and I highly suggest checking out her Etsy shop. I love all her crocheted items!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Swaps and Commissions

I was commissioned by TheSugarMonster to create these two pieces for her. Heidi is someone I have been reading about for years on her blog. When I first got a message from her I was rather shocked she would ask. The finished pieces are pictured and I like how they turned out. I had her send me the text she wanted on the fabric and I transferred it over. From the last email she was rather happy with the outcome.

It's funny because I never think my work is amazing. Maybe that keeps me humble? I always find little errors on whatever I create that most people don't see. I'm always willing to improve on my work because I don't think you can be "perfect" when it comes to creating items.

I also recently joined Swap-Bot again and have been joining the swaps for craft items and penpals. I guess my only biggest annoyance is when people don't have a well filled out profile. Just writing out that they like "anything" really bothers me. If I create something for that person I want to create a item they will enjoy. If there really is nothing written in there profile then I pretty much throw something together.

Now to completely get off my soap box and share some of the amazing craft items I have had sent to me so far through swaps on swap-bot!
DeeDee over at CreateToFeelGreat sent me this bag. I'm in love with it and I love how there is a pocket inside and outside of the bag. I'm all about bags and have a closet full of them.

Stephie over at Stephie's Stitching sent me these lovely cross-stitch pieces. Can you believe these little ones are the first cross-stitch pieces anyone has ever given me!? I was so excited to see her work. I guess most people think I would not be interested in any cross-stitch or embriodery pieces. They are completely wrong!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Gift

Last week I went to the post office and was pretty shocked when the postman pulled out this box for me to take. He gave me a strange look when he handed it to me. I had no idea what was inside but saw that my best friend B sent it to me. She also wrote, 'Happy Birthday' all over the box. I texted her as soon as I got the box into my car asking, "What did you send me!?" She replied back, "A vacuum of course!"

After opening up the box I was both surprised and shocked at what was inside. A Hello Kitty gum ball machine! Hello Kitty also moves when you turn the dial for gum balls to drop. I felt like a kid in a candy store and it will go nicely in my home that has pretty much Hello Kitty everywhere.

After looking further into the box I found other goodies that B sent along. Yes, all have to do with Hello Kitty, sugar, and baking. B knows me so well and I was happy with my gifts. I can't wait for her Birthday in August so I can hear her reaction to my gifts.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tattoo Inspiration

The above picture was a plate I saw in a antique store a few months ago. I have been thinking about my next tattoo and I remembered this image. Going to email my tattoo artist and ask him to create me something like this. I love his own art so it will be interesting to see his concept of it. He has always been pretty good at putting together what I want. So hopefully tattoo number 13 will happen shortly!

Oh and something that always makes me happy is rainbows in fabric. I was looking through my photos and forgot I took this in a fabric store a few months ago.

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Work in a Fair!?

Another update to my Epic Mario Cross-StitchI am trying to get done by the end of July since I will be submitting this piece and a couple of others to the Shippensburg's Community Fair. A friend brought up the fair and how I should submit my work to it. He also asked if I could create this same piece for his son. I told him the price would be very high considering how much time I have put into it. His reaction was just priceless to me. Cross-stitch and embriodery can be viewed as a cheap craft but you have to consider how many hours someone puts into one piece.

I spent a bit of time just filling out the entry form for the fair! There was about 50 sections under the needlework category. I felt my head exploded from the first time I looked at it. The only good thing is if I did not write down the right section they will do it for me when I get there. I'm a bit excited and nervous in one. I have never had my work judge so we will see how I do. The nervous part is all my work has to do with geeky things and I don't know what the judges will think.

I have another project I am working on that was commissioned by Heidi that blogs on TheSugarMonster. I am very proud to be working on it for her and can't wait to send it to her.