Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Behind!

I have been so behind with everything since I got back from Ireland and haven't really caught up! I have been working on a few Christmas presents but I will have to save posting pictures till after the Holiday. I more then likely will post random pictures as well from my Ireland trip.

My Ireland trip was amazing and I had a great time. I'm slowly going through all my photos and editing them. Trying to get through over 2,000 photos and working on Christmas presents is killing me this year. I have to always think, "I have free time, what's more important!?"

Recently I commissioned Lisa over at Ambitions Love to make a few key chains for me as gifts this year. I also got one for myself. I'm in love with it and the quality is outstanding.
I will honestly try and post more since I completely skipped the month of November. Good grief I am so behind!