Monday, May 30, 2011

End Of May

I can't believe it's already the end of May! Watching my garden grow this past month has been a blast. Well my garden in pots as I think of it. Since I currently rent, I do not have land to dig into so I improvise with pots on my porch. My little garden has also given me the chance to practice with my macro filters on my camera. I also need to dig my tripod out as a few birds and humming birds like to visit now in the yard. Here are some of the photos I took today.
Finally, the last project I have finished for the month of May. My best friend B is having a birthday in August. We have know one another since high school so she knows all my embarrassing teen aged stories and I know hers. I figured out what to make for her one day right before I fell asleep. I seem to come up with the best ideas at that moment before falling asleep. I now keep a notebook handy by my bed to write these ideas down. Instead of waiting for July I went ahead and completed her gift. I'm excited to give it to her and I was close to keeping it for myself. We both have a love for strawberries.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Early Birthday Present

I was so happy to get to the post office today! I pretty much danced out of the post office and into my car with the package. As a early Birthday gift to myself I purchased a few graphic novels I have been wanting for awhile! I am now going to block out the the geeky sigh of disapproval at me for using the term 'graphic novel' and not 'comics' too. I rather not touch on that subject. That would end up in a lot of rambling and arguments. I rather read my graphic novels.

Anyway! My summer reading should be full for a little bit now. It's rather nice to be a adult and have the ability to afford them! Still the draw back of being a adult is those lovely bills that come every month no matter what I do.A little bit of my collection of graphic novels.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Just a quick post about some completed projects I finished this month. Here are a few other headbands I have created. I'm happy with them and can't wait to wear my pink one. It's also fun not following a pattern and figuring out what you want to do.This headband was created for a craft swap. Hopefully the person that receives it likes it.
I also have joined a local stitch 'n bitch group through Ravelry. They meet once a week and so far I have been to two meetings and a picnic over the weekend. I'm very shy which some people are shocked about but it's true. My stomach is in knots when I have to be in social situations around people I don't know. It helps that everyone within the group made me feel comfortable. I usually don't bring anything that requires patterns because I easily forgot where I am talking within a group of 10+ people. It is helping me get a jump start on Christmas presents this year though.

I was also reminded that my birthday is coming up next month. As a present to myself I think a stack of comics are in order and maybe a tattoo. I'm still thinking about the tattoo and what I want.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yarn Sale & Epic Mario Cross-Stitch Update

WEBS is having a sale on yarn! I wanted to dance a little when I saw that Cascade 220 was on sale too. I just got my purchase in the mail the other day. The box pretty much exploded with the yarn. I'm sure, I will be swimming in yarn for awhile now. I'm attempting to start on my Christmas presents early so we will see how I do....

I also wanted to share a update picture of my Epic Nintendo Mario Cross-Stitch. I'm getting sssooo close! I'm excited to be almost done with the sky. That was just horrible and I kept jumping around the cross-stitch. I know some people pride themselves on having the backside of there cross-stitch work look just as good as the front. I honestly don't care...who cares what the back looks like as long as the front is amazing. Sorry about the hoop print. I will be ironing over the completed work to get the wrinkles out.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Last weekend was spent going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It was my first time ever going and I had a blast! I went with a co-worker on Sunday and had a lot of fun. According to her it was far less of a coward on Sunday but to me there was still TONS of people. The yarn was just over whelming and it was great seeing/feeling all the different kinds of yarn people were selling. I honestly didn't spend much money on yarn. I couldn't keep track on who had what and what price. Below is a pic of what I did end up getting and yes, that is soap too. The Chocolate Mint one is AMAZING! The soap comes from Breezy Willow Farms and it's all organic. We also got to see the border collies demonstration on herding. I also meet one lady that had a bunch of guinea pigs. She wanted me to buy one of her angora rabbits. It was so tempting but thinking about what my landlord might say stopped me. There was also a number of sheep everywhere and all kinds of breeds. The sheep were loving the attention and petting. I could tell a few owners of the sheep really cared for them as well.

Below are a couple of photos I took from the Festival!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Salvation Army Fabric Fair, Craft Swap, and Shopping.

I got this awesome yarn from the Salvation Army Fabric Fair and knew I had to do something with it! I then got the idea to create a headband for me.The finished project and I had fun wearing it. I also came up with the ideas for flowers and buttons. It fits around my big head and thick hair so I'm happy. I'm having a blast coming up with new ideas for crochet projects.

I got my half of the craft swap from Lisa at Ambitious Love last week! I was so excited to see the finished plush of Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins. Lisa does such amazing work with her sewing. Alistair now stands on my nightstand by my bed watching over my comics.

Here are my goodies I got from the Salvation Army Fabric Sale. I can't wait to start on a few of my projects. I can't wait to create that strawberry purse I found too!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Salvation Army Fabric Fair.

One of the many good things about working night shift at my job is I can easily attend sales/etc. during the day when everyone else is at work. After going to the gym this morning I headed off to the annual Salvation Army Fabric Fair right in my town.

I got there about 20mins early. I was actually going to run to the post office but lucky I thought to check it out first and see if there was a line! So after jumping in line and waiting for 5mins we were allowed to go in early which was very nice of them. Not thinking further, I didn't bring bags with me but was provided them by the ladies volunteering for the sale.

After I went straight to the back for the room that held the yarn and got my fill, I headed back out to check out everything else. I then noticed just how quickly full the place got! Also, while in the yarn room I got head butted. I don't know how to explain it but a lady next to me was reaching down into a basket for yarn the same time I was. We did apologize to one another and went on our way. Later on I also got ran over by a older man using a walker. I'm guessing his wife forced him to be there because he was very grumpy. I didn't notice him moving because I was focusing on going through some craft books. He then ran the walker into my back to get by because I wouldn't move. After about a hour I was ready to get out of there.

After getting my fill of everything I then stood in line for a long time to check out. I had a few conversations with other ladies around me and the Mennonite ladies.

On my way out the door I then saw this sign which made me laugh. I wasn't upset by the few "accidents" that happened to me. I expect them where a large number of people gather.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Craft Swap - Quick Post.

I can't believe it's May! I have been a busy bee the whole month of April and sadly I did only one craft project. One of those months when life takes hold and everything else takes a back seat. It was for a craft swap with a lady I have know online for awhile now. I was happy to hear Lisa over at Ambitious Love loved it! I'll keep to myself what she made as her end of the craft swap since I have yet to get it. I'm excited though!
Just a quick post! I'll be back with more of course.