Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Just a quick post about some completed projects I finished this month. Here are a few other headbands I have created. I'm happy with them and can't wait to wear my pink one. It's also fun not following a pattern and figuring out what you want to do.This headband was created for a craft swap. Hopefully the person that receives it likes it.
I also have joined a local stitch 'n bitch group through Ravelry. They meet once a week and so far I have been to two meetings and a picnic over the weekend. I'm very shy which some people are shocked about but it's true. My stomach is in knots when I have to be in social situations around people I don't know. It helps that everyone within the group made me feel comfortable. I usually don't bring anything that requires patterns because I easily forgot where I am talking within a group of 10+ people. It is helping me get a jump start on Christmas presents this year though.

I was also reminded that my birthday is coming up next month. As a present to myself I think a stack of comics are in order and maybe a tattoo. I'm still thinking about the tattoo and what I want.

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