Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random Things.

I have not posted in so long here but I am still alive! I need to catch up with everyone.

Work has been taking a front seat in my life for the past 3 weeks. I took a IT certification exam last week and crossing my fingers I passed. Really think I did. The hours of studying about did me in. Still it's worth it.

I am going to jump fully into my shop again. I hope everyone is doing well! I can't believe March is almost over. I'm going to go ahead and catch up on things that needed to be posted. I fell behind and yeah....

Oh and wanted to share a recent pic. Recent buy off of Etsy from TheDarkMonkey. Great addition to my laptop.

Awesome Vday swap I got with my Etsy Team: Etsy Tea Party. My swap partner was non other then Twinkie-Chan. I was shocked and happy to get these goodies. I loved it!

This is a picture of what you first see when entering my townhouse. The big rock candy mountain there was done by Heidi from MyPaperCrane. I got to meet her for the first time at a craft fair in Philly a few years back. I am a lover of ice cream so I couldn't pass that little guy up. The guinea pigs were made after my 3 girls; Ethel, Suzette, and Ann Marie. The wonderful lady that created them from pictures I sent her is Murumoto. I need to contact her again and commission her to create one for my newest girl Abby. Oh and the one behind them is a TY beanie baby my sister sent me for Christmas.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy bday Dr. Seuss.

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. Even though you are gone your books live on. I still have all my Dr. Seuss books from childhood which really was passed around between my brothers and sister. The books finally got to me and I hope to pass them on to my kids when I go down that road.

Awesome documentary I found on YouTube.

OH and my all time favorite Dr. Seuss tale is The Lorax. I also can't wait for 2012 to roll around because supposedly Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment are working on developmenting a 3-D version of The Lorax.