Friday, November 20, 2009

Sale Sale Sale!!


I am now offering every item in my shop at 20% off.!!!
Buy Handmade

The sale will go on for the rest of the year. Help me to clean out my items and start fresh next year!!

I will refund you through paypal after you have finished the checkout/payment process. Every item is 20% off! Even the sales. ;D

I am also offering gift wrapping for the Christmas season. If you would like me to wrap the item in Christmas tissue paper/etc. let me know.

Be aware that my S/H is sent through First Class mail for both in the U.S. and overseas. If you need faster mail let me know and I will adjust the postage. For the folks in Canada please be aware of this. I know Canada mail is kind of slow right now.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My good friend Linds over at Sick For Cute is having a awesome $12.00 T-shirt sale! Check it out. Awesome Christmas presents I think. I think I have about 5/6 years of her work sitting in my closet. I have been buying t-shirts from her that long. They do last that long! :P

I have been getting into Swap-Bot and you can see what it's doing to my desk. Well and the fact I am working on making Christmas presents so that is taking over as well. I swear usually everything is neat and tidy.

I want to post what I am working on but I don't want a few people to see....I want them to be surprised so more then likely I'll have to post after they get there items. ;D

I am going to have my sale soon. I'll be doing that this weekend and getting ready for Black Friday/etc. More then likely won't be doing free shipping but have so much off of your total sales on Etsy. I'll refund the customer back through paypal. Keep watching!

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Addition To The Guinea Pig Family

This is Abner and supposedly the little piggy is female. This little girl should hopefully be coming to my home in December. My mom emailed me today about someone trying to get rid of there guinea pig on our bank bulletin board online. Have no idea why my mom drew my attention to this add considering she claims I have enough pigs with my 3 girls I have now.

I talked with the lady and she only has had this little one for about 3 or so months. She got it for her younger children and they had no interest in the guinea pig. She has two children under 2 years old so I can understand why they want nothing to do with the guinea pig.

The lady also told me that her husband and her have been handling Abner the girl guinea pig a lot but during this whole week she really has been left in her cage by herself. Her husband is out of town and she hasn't had time. This broke my heart so of course I need to sweep in and save the young one.

She also told me that Abner likes to run around in her ball. ARG...never a good idea to do this for a guinea pig. So dangerous but I kept my mouth shut. I just wish people would research on guinea pigs more before getting them. They really are not good for younger children. I know some people would disagree with me but that's the way I feel.

Abner lives in IL right now so my parents have kindly agreed to pick her up/etc. She will be brought out to me when my parents visit around Christmas.

Also, looking for a new name for Abner if she is a girl. Guinea pigs are kind of hard to determine the sex if you don't know what you are looking for. I wont go into details on what you have to look for/do.

I also need to post pictures of the swaps I have been in for Swap-Bot. <3 Love that place!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Art Star Philly

Hello to my new followers!! I have been told by a couple of people that you are having problems posting? If you could try it out on this post and let me know. I changed some of the settings so hopefully things are better.

Something I am looking forward to is Art Star's Annual Holiday Show.

Location: Art Star in Philadelphia, PA
November 7th – December 31st
handmade ornaments &
holiday cards by select artists
5 Year Anniversary Party:
Saturday, December 5th, 5-9pm

The guinea pig card drew my attention! Also MyPaperCrane items will be there! My new tattoo should be healed by then. Her husband worked on it a couple of weekends ago. I also commissioned him for another tattoo. Has to do with my embroidery/cross stitch work. ;D

My boyfriend lives outside of Philly so more then likely Thanksgiving week I will be stopping in for some shopping goodness.

I am currently working on holiday gift items for family and friends. I will not be posting Thanksgiving/Christmas themed items this year. Things have been crazy so really I want to devote my time to making items for my loved ones. They usually complain all I do is make items for my shop.

I do plan on having a sale soon. I will post when that takes place. I'll more then likely have that going till the start of next year.