Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My good friend Linds over at Sick For Cute is having a awesome $12.00 T-shirt sale! Check it out. Awesome Christmas presents I think. I think I have about 5/6 years of her work sitting in my closet. I have been buying t-shirts from her that long. They do last that long! :P

I have been getting into Swap-Bot and you can see what it's doing to my desk. Well and the fact I am working on making Christmas presents so that is taking over as well. I swear usually everything is neat and tidy.

I want to post what I am working on but I don't want a few people to see....I want them to be surprised so more then likely I'll have to post after they get there items. ;D

I am going to have my sale soon. I'll be doing that this weekend and getting ready for Black Friday/etc. More then likely won't be doing free shipping but have so much off of your total sales on Etsy. I'll refund the customer back through paypal. Keep watching!

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