Monday, October 17, 2011

Jewelry For Me

Jewelry has always been something I have loved making even as a child. I remember always having a huge box full of beads. As a child, I would sit for hours on the floor with this box full of beads making jewelry. My mom was always amazed at how I could be perfectly happy doing this for hours. When I found cross-stitching as a child I split up my time between them.

I have a number of jewelry pieces and I won't go into numbers. I love everything I have and wouldn't part with it. A few pieces have been created for me by friends throughout the years. I have always had a hard time finding bracelets I like though. Finally I decided to just make my own.

Realizing I could easily use the drill my Dad got me as part of a toolbox to make holes in a few charms I had, I knew it needed to happen. I'm sure he had no intention of me using my toolbox like this but I won't tell him. It's a multi-functioning toolbox.

I love how my bracelet turned out and I'm sure I will be making more of them. I'm calling this bracelet, "Pink Explosion".

Friday, October 14, 2011

Socks +2

My first pair of knitted socks is done! I'm excited and happy with the way they turned out. The yarn was easy to work with and now I have left over yarn. I think I'll make some wrist warmers with that. I'll have to take photos of my mom wearing them when I go back to IL for my visit.

I have been asked this a few times but YES, these are my first pair of knitted socks. I had help from my lovely friend Crystal. We meet in my local Stitch 'n Bitch group. Crystal had been after me for awhile to try knitting socks or even try knitting. I finally gave in a few months ago. She pretty much introduce me to DPNs and the joy of working with them. After that I was pretty much let lose and I could easy ask her if I didn't understand something.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ready For Fall!

I am all ready for fall! I usually have problems wearing hat thanks to my big head and thick curly hair. So the right path was just to make my own hat. It seemed to go down hill from there because I then wanted a matching scarf! I loved the yarn I was working with and just couldn't stop.

So, I started out with a crocheted hat and scarf but then realized I needed some fingerless gloves. This realization came to me after a outing on a very cold day. Trying to walk around with cold hands and a camera was not working. I kept thinking through out the whole day I needed some fingerless gloves so I can still easily work with my camera. You can see the ending to my story below.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sock +1

I finally got my first pair of socks done! I have talked about my Evil League of Evil Socks in another post. I was so excited to be done and feel like I was halfway there. I just needed to finish the other sock and I would be in nerd heaven. My first sock ever! I've been told by a few people that I did pretty well for my first time.

The bad part? It don't fit me! I should have made them a inch longer but didn't. According to the pattern I was using when you start to finish off the toe part it will add 2 more inches. It didn't and by the time I realized this I had already sewed/cut/finished the toe part. My mom was also visiting me for the past two weeks so out of curiosity I asked her to try them. Of course, they fit her and then she asked me to make the other sock so she can wear them.

I'm pretty sure I will have enough yarn left over so I will not give up on making socks.