Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Knitted Socks!?

What do we have here!? Yes! I decided to start knitting socks and the helpful push from a friend. I'm glad I got that push and I am finding it easy. Of course my friend is a text message away or having coffee with me when issues appear with my knitting. I call her my encyclopedia of knitting because whatever problem I have she easily knows how to fix it.The pattern I am using is called Silver's Sock Class and the directions/pictures are very detailed. I was intimated about knitting socks but after my friend pointed this site out to me I found it easy.

I'm actually moving along with my first sock. I thought it would take me a year for each sock the way I knit. I'm rather slow at knitting and get teased about it. Still, bring out any crochet project and those same people that tease me about knitting I know I can outdo them in crochet. I seem to be knitting faster though and I do love DPNs. We will see how much further I get!

I'm in love with the yarn and it's very easy to work with. What is the yarn called? Well it's called Evil League of Evil! Yes! That Evil League of Evil from Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog! I purchased it from Nerd Girl Yarns and she offers tons of colorways based on fandoms like Harry Potter, Dr. Horrible, and Dr. Who. Yes, a nerd's dreamland of yarn.

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