Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Star Trek:TNG Gift

One of my friends that is moving away in a few weeks was kind enough to give me one of the amazing shawls she knited! I can't believe she is going since we have become good friends within the 4/5 months we have know one another. I know, I will miss her. Not just the going for coffee and knitting parts but the conversations we have had. At least technology makes it so much easier to keep in contact.
My present for her. I wanted something that she could easily pack and take with her. We both have a love for Star Trek: TNG so it was easy for me to figure out what I should make her. Oh, and like two geeky women we have a love for Wil Wheaton so I made sure he was included too.
Yes, I was watching Star Trek: TNG while cross-stitching her gift.
Cross-stitch pattern is from: black-lupin on Deviant Art

2 Craft Comments:

thisisthecraftyone said...

OMG I LOVE this! Seriously I want one! How awesome!

Katie said...

This is so cool! I found your post off google images. Do you remember what DMC floss colors you used?