Monday, September 19, 2011

Indian Echo Caverns

So, I'm one that likes to come up with random adventures for myself. A few weekends ago I convinced a friend to join me in going to Indian Echo Caverns. We both have never been to caverns so it seemed like a good way to spend a day. The caverns were just beautiful and it's amazing what the earth can do. Even climbing back up 71 steps was worth seeing it. I loved learning about them and was amazed when we were told the caverns were 83% alive and growing.

Like many caverns in the Mid-Atlantic states, Indian Echo Caverns is a limestone cave. Cut through Beekmantown limestone, which is over 440 million years old, they were formed through the erosive properties of water. As time progressed, geological forces led to an "uplift" of the surrounding limestone, eventually allowing more and more water to flow through the formation. As the water flowed over the limestone, it began to create small crevices, these small crevices led to larger ones, and eventually, over a series of millions of years, it created the caverns as they are today.

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Johannah said...

I have been there! Isn't it soo pretty!!!