Friday, September 9, 2011

The Beekeeper’s Quilt

(Photo is from Tiny Owl Knits's Website)
I am convinced that more then half the people on google+ are knitters/crocheters/etc. A few of us, actually a TON of us are now knitting away making Hexapuffs or puffs for short. Tiny Owl Knits released the pattern in July and it has been going full force through the knitting community. The pattern is currently available for purchase at $5.50 on the website.

Why? I'm not sure but I think it's a number of reasons for me;
1.) My first real knitting project.
2.) You will not get this done quickly so it's pretty much a side project.
3.) It can easily fit in whatever bag you carry so you can do it while waiting in the doctor's office, on a bus, on a plane, etc.
4.) The cuteness factor and how puffy they are.
5.) I also figured out a crocheted version for myself too.
6.) You can attach all the puffs together for a quilt or whatever you can think of! I have already suggested lining the walls with them.
7.) Tons of swaps are appearing on Ravelry for puffs or even left over sock yarn.

The puffs I have made so far. A few I have crocheted too and the purple ones was from a friend after I traded mine too. I have already convinced a few people they should try it and it's rather interesting what everyone comes up with.The bag I am currently going to keep my puffs in.

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