Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here are a few of my cross-stitch and embroidery pieces that are now up in my Etsy shop. All of these pieces were created by myself and my not so wonderful drawing skills. I think it turned out well...

My next one is going to be something for me and no one else. I am jealous that everything I make goes into my shop. I want something for myself. I have a little sketch of a guinea pig I'm going to work with I think.

I have a long love for ice cream. I will eat it in any season and never turn it down. A bowl of ice cream always lifts my spirits.

Dinosaurs seem to only be for the boys out there. I made a couple for just us girls!

My inspiration behind this Strawberry Cake is the movie Marie Antoinette and the quote, "Let them eat cake." I had to include the lace, bows, flowers, and crown too.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

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Just wanted to post some lovely things I've been seeing around Flickr lately. You can tell that Valentine's Day is almost here again!

I hope everyone has a long and good weekend. My shop is finally updated and I have my cross-stitch and embroidery pieces to update now. I'm excited with how a few of them turned out and can't wait to show them.

One of my favorite blogs to read: TheSugarMonster has moved to it's own website! I'm in love with it and encourage anyone to go read it. Heidi doesn't hide anything and everything is open to the world. Check it out HERE.

I found some awesome Giveaways recently so here they are! Some are ending in a few days so act fast. ;D

The Dainty Squid is having a awesome giveaway of 3 coin pouches! How awesome! Go HERE to enter.

Heidi of MyPaperCrane is having a V-day Giveaway. Here are a few awesome items that are included in it. Go HERE to enter. It ends on Jan 17th! Hurry!

The awesome PlushYou! blog is having a giveaway of this awesome STUFFED magazine. Go HERE to enter. It ends on Jan 20th.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New To My Etsy

Just wanted to show off some new things in my Etsy shop!

I more then likely will be posting a lot this coming weekend. I have a 3 day weekend ahead and I need to catch up with updating my shop.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coming Along

I have been working on updating my shop and here is a few things to come. I have to get off my lazy butt and take better pictures and list them on Etsy. I lose track of time and realize that the sun is already down! WORK WITH ME SUN!! *shakes fist*

I am trying to do more with embroidery and cross stitching. Cross stitching really takes a lot of time and my bigger projects can take about a month or two. My Strawberry Cake took me almost 2 months. That's with the Holidays thrown in there as well.

OH! My Etsy Group: Etsy Tea Party is running a sale this month. We are selling Fukubukuro Dolly Sweet Grab Bags! What the heck is Fukubukuro?

Fukubukuro (福袋, lucky bag, mystery bag?) is a Japanese New Year's Day custom where merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within. The low prices are usually done to attract customers to shop at that store during the new year. The term is formed from Japanese fuku (福, good fortune/luck) and fukuro (袋, bag). The change of fukuro to bukuro is the phenomenon known as rendaku. Fukubukuro usually are snapped up quickly by eager customers, with some stores having long lines snake around city blocks hours before the store opens on New Year's Day. Formerly, Fukubukuro were an easy way for stores to unload excess and unwanted merchandise from the previous year, due to a Japanese superstition that one must not start the New Year with unwanted trash from the previous year and start clean. Nowadays, Fukubukuro are pushed as a lavish New Year's event rather than a way for stores to get rid of excess merchandise.
((Thank you Wikipedia!!))

To look for these great items just go to Etsy and search for the tags 'etsy tea party' and 'Fukubukuro'. Or you can use this link HERE. I have two grab bags listed.

Here are a few things I am working on from embroidery, cross stitch, brooches, and hair accessories. Please note: This is not the final product. Mostly what I take pictures of while I am working. I like to add things/etc. ;D

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 ReCap

Pretty much my recap of 2009! Here are a few pictures:

Abby my newest guinea pig came to join my little family. She is doing really well and currently is sharing a cage with my oldest guinea pig Ethie.

Took a trip back home to IL to visit family. My sister as well flew out from WA which was awesome of her. My family lives about 20mins from St. Louis, MO. They don't get all the cold weather like Chicago.

My Uncle's passing this year so I flew out to CA. I spent half my childhood out there. It was very sad I and my family misses him so much.

The opening of my Etsy shop! Thank you to everyone that has supported me.

My first ever commission from Linds at SickForCute. This is actually one of her own artwork she wanted me to create in cross-stitch.

Took a cruise ship to Alaska this year with my family. It was amazing and fun! We also spent another week in WA with my sister visiting her.

Another picture from the trip to Alaska.

This doesn't look like much but this little towel got me back into cross-stitching which lead to the opening of my Etsy Shop. I started cross-stitching when I was about 8 and stopped later in high school. Not "cool" enough but I finally got back into it in 2009.