Monday, May 9, 2011

Salvation Army Fabric Fair, Craft Swap, and Shopping.

I got this awesome yarn from the Salvation Army Fabric Fair and knew I had to do something with it! I then got the idea to create a headband for me.The finished project and I had fun wearing it. I also came up with the ideas for flowers and buttons. It fits around my big head and thick hair so I'm happy. I'm having a blast coming up with new ideas for crochet projects.

I got my half of the craft swap from Lisa at Ambitious Love last week! I was so excited to see the finished plush of Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins. Lisa does such amazing work with her sewing. Alistair now stands on my nightstand by my bed watching over my comics.

Here are my goodies I got from the Salvation Army Fabric Sale. I can't wait to start on a few of my projects. I can't wait to create that strawberry purse I found too!

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