Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finished Epic Mario Cross-Stitch

A project I started 9 months ago. I have never taken on this big of a cross-stitch project before in all my 19 years of cross-stitching. I am beyond impressed with myself and happy it's completed. Now the next annoyance is trying to find a frame to fit the finished piece. I can't wait to submit it to the Shippensburg Fair at the end of July and have it judged.

I kind of feel sad it's over. I might have to look through my saved cross-stitch files of big projects and start another one. After the fair this will be hanging in my home and I can't wait for that.

The Super Mario Bros pattern was taken from Sprite Stitch.

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Jenny Zeigler Medley said...

Can you share what colors you used and if you had a color key pattern? I've only found the full color pattern thus far. Thanks!