Friday, June 24, 2011

Gettysburg, PA

I forgot to post these photos I took a few weekends ago. I took a visit to Gettysburg, PA to try out my new camera lenses. Tons of open fields to "play" in and since I live so close it wasn't a long drive. I found a few battlefields off the beaten path and was happy to go down the roads by myself. I did get a few bug bites since I kept jumping in and out of my car, wandering into the long grass for better photos. I'm sure my pasty white skin was like sweet chocolate to bugs.

I'll more then likely be going back in a few weeks. My parents are visiting all the way from Illinois and my mom loves history. It's the 150th anniversary in Gettysburg this year so I promised to take her. I'll have more historical photos when I visit with her.

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