Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unicorn Birthday Gift

My best friend B's birthday is in another week. I already had created her a Strawberry Tissue Cozy but decided to make something else for her. B loves unicorns as much as I do. So Lancer was created for her. B's favorite color is red.

This is the first time I have ever done amigurumi and this was rather interesting for me. I more then likely will do more but not as often. Working on one of these patterns and trying not to lose my place is rather annoying at times. I won't go into how many times I wonder, "What stitch am I on!?"If you ever have watched My Little Pony Tales, one of the male ponies is named Lancer. Why did I pick a name from that show? B and me while we were in high school, meet for the first time in chorus class. Our first conversation was over My Little Pony.I'm not even sure who brought it up but we talked through out chorus class about it. I think we even set up a date to get together and show one another the ponies we had from our childhood. Yes, being 28 I can honestly say that I still own My Little Ponies from when I was a kid.

3 Craft Comments:

TippedDaisy said...

I love this Unicorn!!! So cute. My little Pony was awesome back in the day.

Been meaning to comment too that your Nintendo cross stitch is awesome! Saw it on The Split Stitch. I'm also helping out Sara.

Anyways - Hi :) and cute Unicorn :)

RainbowSweetStitch said...

Thank you!! Nice to meet you! :D Will have to make my way over to your blog.

patricias fabric art said...

Oh hes a lovely little unicorn!