Sunday, July 17, 2011

Swap & Birthday Gift For My Mom

Another awesome crafty swap through Swap-Bot came in the mail last week! All the way from Finland too. This package came from IiPuska. I love the fabric buttons and strawberry brooch. The other awesome item was a clutch purse which I love! I have a collection of purses so you can never go wrong giving one to me.I love that she included pockets on the inside. I am all about pockets and making things easier to find.
My Mom's Birthday is at the end of the month. She is always a pain to buy a present for because she always insist that she doesn't need anything. Just cards in the mail and phone calls are fine for her. She doesn't like if you spend "too much" on her or a lot of time creating a present. Yet at 28, my mom still insists on getting me a present when I tell her she has given me enough.

This year I created her a cozy for her iPad. Her favorite color is blue and the first initial of her name is 'C'. I'm hoping she likes it and it's a complete surprise to her. The pattern I came up with and had to pull a few stitches out at times. At least this time I wrote everything down as I went a long.

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