Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Judging Time!

On Monday morning this week I took my entries down to the Shippensburg Community Fair to submit for judging. I never noticed how many fairs go on in Pennsylvania during the summer. I swear there is one every week. I could have submitted my work to a bunch of fairs if I wanted too.

When I arrived at the fair Monday morning a older lady in her 70s was accepting the pieces for cross-stitch and embroidery. She loved my Super Mario cross-stitch! I wanted to adopt her and take her home. I didn't know what kind of reaction my work would bring so it was encouraging she was excited over my work.

One of the ladies I work with was kind enough to send me a email and let me know she saw my work on display and ribbons attached. I can't wait to see how I placed. I'm still not sure yet if I will make it down before next week when I have to pick up my work. We will see.

Here are pictures of the work I submitted to the fair:

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