Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Other Crafters In My Family

With my parents visit last week my mom brought me a surprise!! She had acquired a few items that women in our family made. My mom then brought them along thinking they should be passed to me and I was so happy to get them!One was a crocheted afghan that I have been told my grandmother made. My dad doubts this and insists my grandmother would not have the patience to crochet the afghan. Also, that maybe one of my grandfather's sister made it. I'm happy to have it either way!I love the colors and how bright they are! It goes well with my pillows on my couch.

The other item is a quilt that I'm in love with too. We are not sure who made it in my family but again my dad thinks it was one of my grandfather's sisters. I'm currently searching for a way to get a couple of stains out the quilt has acquired over the years. The stains aren't noticeable till you turn the quilt over. I would love any ideas on how to get them out!It makes me proud and happy to know that other women in my family created items like this. I am very honored to now have them and I'll cherish them. Completely corny I know but I love created items. It comes from the heart and is completely personal. I just wish I knew the back stories on why both blankets were made. For a special event or just a necessity? They were given to my grandfather so it makes me wonder if both items were created for my grandfather and grandmother's wedding? Maybe one day I'll be told the story.

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