Friday, August 31, 2012

Roller Derby Friday: 1

It was suggested to me that I start blogging about my Roller Derby experiences. I am completely new to this sport and have been wanting to do it for years. While I have been to bouts over the years I guess, I never really had enough guts till this year. As my mom would say, "Either shit or get off the pot Jess!"

So every Friday, you guessed it! I'll be making a post for Roller Derby Friday. It will be my progress, buying gear, bouts, pain/bruises, teammate experiences, and whatever else that has to do with derby. I don't start official derby practice till the 2nd week of September but I have a few ideas to post about that will cover Roller Derby Fridays up till then. So yes, if you want to read about my blood, sweat, and tears then come back again!

Roller Derby is something I have been wanting to do for years as I've said before. I have had a number of friends tell me I should do it. I have no idea if it's because in the recent years I have become healthier or I'm getting older? Maybe it's the fact I moved up in my job so I have the money to buy equipment/etc? That or maybe it's because I have Pete that's pretty much become my number 1 fan in supporting me through this. He even has gone roller skating with me at a local rink to practice.

The only sports I have ever really done so far in my life is Softball for a number of years. I was very active in it through middle school and high school. Most people think it's not really a contact sport but I made it one. For example, if a unlucky girl was covering the base a bit too much. Yet, I have never done a full on contact sport so Roller Derby will be a bit of a change. I'm still ready to do it and I have a friend that will be starting from the bottom - up like me. I have know her since High School so you will see me mentioning her in my posts as well.

How did I find a team? A few months ago in July, I was randomly in a clothing store and started talking to the sales lady on the floor. I'm not sure if this was fate knocking on my door but Roller Derby came up. She told me about a new local league called Confluence Crush that just started up and was a little over a year old now. Also, that try outs were coming up. Pretty much anyone could join as long as you were willing to work your butt off. I am ready to do that and ready to have my butt handed to me. To me everything was falling in place and just that week I was thinking about Derby again.

So I went home and did a little searching around the internet for the league. I also started looking up equipment and prices which I'll discuss in a later post. I found the league on Facebook and of course they have there own Website. I think this team is for me and the fact they are taking women that could have no experience at all. I have nothing against the leagues that don't do this and have real try outs but Confluence Crush is for me considering they will take a "newbie".

(Take from C.C.R.D.'s website)

More info about C.C.R.D. taken from there website:
"Confluence Roller Derby exists to provide women in St. Louis and the Metro East unique opportunities to play flat track roller derby within a welcoming community that both supports skaters in their development and as well as challenges them to realize their potential as athletes. The league offers competitive team opportunities for skaters who desire greater athletic advancement, and who seek to win, rank, title, or achieve against opponents on a regional or national level. The league also provides recreational team opportunities for new and alumnae skaters to learn and play flat track roller derby in a safe, fun and social environment without the level of commitment or skill required of derby athletes at a regionally or nationally competitive level. Confluence Roller Derby was in founded in 2011 on feminist ideals, a DIY attitude, and a desire to grow the derby community. The league is operated “by the skaters, for the skaters,” and the time, talents, knowledge, and contributions of all league members are valued and respected."

That's it for Roller Derby Friday! Post next week will contain getting ready for official practice with the C.C.R.D, buying gear, and the get together C.C.R.D. had a few weeks ago for new people.

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