Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reginald Wayne

I wanted to introduce the new male in my life that has stolen my love. His name is Reginald Wayne AKA Reggie for short. I've been meaning to update my blog about it as he's been mine for over 3 months now. It's funny because I have been just thinking about getting a dog at the time but not really being serious about it. My dad one night was browsing Petfinder and Reggie came up in the search. 
After contacting the lady that was fostering Reggie we planned to come over and meet him. I didn't think he would come home with me but the lady liked my parents and me so well he DID! I made sure to bring my parents to meet Reggie as they would be a big part of his life. They would get to baby-sit him while I was out of town. Plus, I wanted to make sure he would get a long with my parents dogs and he does!
Reggie quickly became a part of the family and fit in with the other two dogs. Reggie came from a Puppy Mill. After the local Puppy Mill was caught, the "owner"gave up all the dogs to a shelter called the Westie Rescue. The owner claimed every one was a Westie and Reggie was in the mix. Reggie was noticed pretty fast because he was bigger/taller than the other Westies there. After shaving all his hair off the people working at the shelter noticed Reggie was not a Westie but a Schnauzer. The shelter decide to keep Reggie and put him in a foster home did they could find a family for him. I am still very amused by all of this.
As I get to know Reggie every day I can honestly say he doesn't have much baggie from that puppy mill. He does have huge paws which I've been told is because of him being in a wire cage all day. That little guy just wants to be loved and I love him ever so much. He loves to be in the same room as you but doesn't need to be right under your feet. He just wants to keep a eye on you and gets upset if he can't. I love that he rolls on his back and is very fond of belly rubs.  

So yes, there will be more pics of Reggie and I can't wait to start knitting him sweaters. I have a few patterns in mind so those will be posted here of course. Reggie has also discovered the guinea pigs. He is VERY interested in them and I'm assuming interested as a "snack".

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