Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gen Con: Part 2

More Gencon fun ahead! This post is going to be mainly about what I was wearing and my amazing friend. I am all about dressing up/cosplaying now thanks to Pete. Funny, after so many conventions Pete was the first boyfriend to convince me to actually do it. I have had a blast so far coming up with what to wear and having a hand in making a few of the pieces or asking friends to create them for me. I was so shy about the whole thing but with enough "poking" from Pete, I finally gave in. Pete cosplays as well so it's another plus to do this together. It also makes me talk to people because of random people asking pictures or about what I'm wearing.

I love how easy it is for me to be able to craft. I see something in a store that I find overpriced and I just make it myself. I get images in my head on what would be a cool thing to make and I easily make it myself. That makes my day and I have a craft journal filled with ideas. Cosplaying and figuring out how to do it has been so much fun for me.

For Gencon I had 3 outfits to wear and couldn't figure out what to wear shoe wise. I have been friends with Lindsay at Em & Sprout for a number of years. I have seen her shop grow and her work. It is truly amazing and she is a awesome person to work with. I came up with 3 separate shoe ideas and brought them to her. She was so happy to do them for me and got them in the mail in time for GenCon!
This is my awesome Batman outfit and the shoes that Linds made for me. The story that goes along with this is I wore this outfit on Thursday. After spending over 6 hours in the Exhibit Hall, Pete and me decided to have a early night. While trying to leave the convention center we noticed it was raining. Pete was nice enough to head back to the car and get my umbrella so I wouldn't get soaked. When he got back with the umbrella, he also warned me about the huge puddles around the entrance to the parking garage. I thought nothing of it till I got there and noticed no dry land for me to skip across. I then took my amazing Batman shoes off without thinking and walked through all of this. Getting into the parking garage I did put my shoes back on but sadly I still got dirt on the inside. I ended up telling Linds and my embarrassment which she responded on how to clean them. I was more worried about these amazing shoes then what my feet were stepping in!

My awesome Tardis outfit! I am a HUGE fan of Doctor Who and of course I needed a outfit. It's pretty much based on the episodes, "The Doctor's Wife" from the 6th season. Not exactly what Idris was wearing but I made my own version of "Sexy". Linds did a amazing job making the shoes as well and everyone loved them. I went over to the Doctor Who booth in the exhibit hall and all the workers there talked to me about my awesome outfit. The story I have for this one is about a man working at the Doctor Who booth. He informed me that the Tardis was his very, VERY favorite thing in the show. He loved my skirt and then I pointed out my shoes. He became very excited and asked if he could touch my shoes. I agreed and watched this man get on his knees and rub his finger over the Tardis key on my left shoe. He made really shrill girl sounds of excitement. I reported this all to Linds to inform her, how happy her shoes make people.

My last outfit which I wore on Sunday so few people got to see it. I have been a HUGE Nintendo fan for years and Yoshi is my favorite character. I even have a pink Yoshi tattoo on my left foot. Even though not a lot of people were around I still I had a number of comments on it and people loving my shoes. Linds, was even nice enough to put Yoshi eggs on the back for me too! I don't really have a story for this one. I did pass by the Doctor Who booth again and enjoyed my time talking to the people working there as they loved my outfit. 

That's about it for this post! My last one will be mostly random pictures taken at the convention and what I bought of course. What other things we did and panels/events we went too.

Go and check out Lindsay's Etsy Shop - Em & Sprout to see about getting your own pair of shoes!!

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