Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gen Con: Part 3

The last part of my GenCon updates. GenCon by far is the biggest convention I have ever been too. Some things I learned is preparing better for sickness and people being unsanitary. I loved all the different panels and how a few had nothing to do with gaming. It pretty much has a little of everything. For example, one night Pete and me attended a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic panel. I loved it! 

I spent HOURS in the Exhibit Hall because every time I would walk around, I always found something new I had missed. It is really a overwhelming place to be and I loved it. I always found free goodies I had missed earlier too which was another major plus.

Pete spent a bit of time playing Magic The Gathering and selling cards to vendors. I didn't mind this as I spent a lot of time just wandering around. It was also fun to wander into where they were having magic tournaments and watch him. I started playing less then 6 months ago so I didn't want to try. I'm still questioning things when Pete and me play that I'm sure someone that has had years of playing wouldn't like. Maybe when I branch out more and play against more people I'll consider it next year. Plus, having someone like Pete teach you that has been playing over 13 years is another major plus.  

I also made a trip to the crafting room that they had open the whole time. People would donate supplies so you could easily find something new to try. I also had a random knitting group get together with people I didn't know. It actually was tons of fun to talk to the ladies there. We discussed a lot of nerdy things going on and what we were working on. Knitters are about the friendliest people I know and will never turn you away.

Of course I came home with some awesome dice and games as you can see below: Munchkin, Dice, Four Taverns and X Marks The Spot, The One Ring TTG, and Dragon Age TTG. Another major plus was a few of the creators and artists were able to sign a few of my game purchases! 

I loved being able to meet people that worked on the games/etc and talking to them about it all. It showed me they cared enough and were/are dedicated to it. I also didn't make any game purchases till the last day as I wanted to talk with people and think it over. I loved all the game demos going on and how even if you weren't playing you could stand there and listen/watch. There was no really big "push" to get you to buy a game. Everyone seemed excited about the games they were showing you and I loved that.

That pretty much sums up my first GenCon experience. I really hope to go back again next year and not get sick.... I would highly recommend this Con to anyone and even if they aren't a "gamer" because you can easily find any type of "nerd"or "geek" thing there.

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