Monday, August 6, 2012

Cosplay Items

GenCon is getting so much closer and I can't wait! My nerd heart is filled with excitement as I count down the days. I have four cosplay outfits that I am bringing with me (YIKES!). I'm not sure if I will wear them all yet but I will make a attempt. My boyfriend will be with me and he got me into cosplaying so I'll have that support when I become a spaz. Yes...spazzing over the fact if I have enough time to wear each one even though the Con is for 4 days. I even have little lists full of groceries, clothing, cosplay items, and whatever else I need. I love to be prepared, easily to tell huh?

One of my cosplays is my Tardis outfit from Doctor Who. I ended up making a hair piece to go along with it and I'm loving how it turned out. Hopefully I can post pictures later of my full outfit. Here is the Tardis inspired skirt I'll be wearing.

The hair piece I made to go along with my Tardis cosplay outfit. I used some Doctor Who inspired yarn that is named 'Sexy'. The name fits well with my cosplay outfit. I got this amazing yarn from the website Nerd Girl Yarns. I pretty much used a steam punk theme as well with the clock and gears.

I also have a Super Mario themed outfit I'll be wearing. I guess you can say both my Mario and Doctor Who themed cosplays are based on Lolita fashion? I'm not sure because I never sat down and really thought about it. I pretty much did what I thought in my head would look great and went with it. Here is the Super Mario inspired skirt I will be wearing. Both skirts I purchased from CorsetWonderland on Etsy. The seller is amazing to work with and very friendly.

I remembered making this hair piece awhile ago and got it out. It would go perfect with my Super Mario themed cosplay. A cross-stitch piranha plant that I made into a hair piece.

I also commissioned a friend of mine to make Mario and Doctor Who themed shoes to match both of these outfits. I can't wait to see what she creates and show everyone!

My next attempt is to post more because really there is a ton of things I could be posting but I am taking the lazy rode. I will post more soon and hopefully breath some life into my blogger. This year seems so busy and when I get a chance to breath I end up reading a comic or knitting. 

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