Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life Update

I am back home again! It was nice catching up with my one brother that I have not seen for almost 5 years now. He is in the Air Force and his family is usually stationed over seas.

I also went to a few fabic and yarn shops. I'll more then likely have a picture of my findings later. I was excited over the things I got. I didn't get much done on the crafting side but that's alright.

While staying with my parents I made my Caramel Apple Pecan pie. It went over well with my parents and brother. I put a ton of pecans on the top because we are a nut family.

I also crocheted up a bow for my parent's dog, Pepper. This was pretty much the only thing I got done while back at home. I did take the bow home with me to attach a clip to the other side so it stays better on her collar. It also gave me ideas on how to make my guinea pigs little bows.

My parents dogs Pepper and Salty. They love to come and snuggle in whatever seat you just got up from. I raised both of them from puppies when I lived at home. I remember days of working with them on potty training and hand feeding them food.

I also went to the local comic shop. I knew it was a place for me when I saw the Batman sign. I also left with a few Batman graphic novels.

I took this picture a day before I left home. My guinea pigs had to stay at home with a baby sitter so I missed them while I was gone.

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