Monday, September 14, 2009

Working On

Here is a sneak peek at my cat pillow family I am working on. I will be adding little touches to them of course. I want to add collars to the kittens and something with the mom as well. The fabric I actually found at one of the thrift stores in my town. Believe it or not MyPaperCrane loves to visit these same thrift stores. I have yet to run into her of course.

For some odd reason the family reminds me of the Disney movie The Aristocats.

My Dad was here helping me create them. We got into the conversation about my siblings and me having these types of toys as kids. I never knew this but my dad created them all for us on the sewing machine. To me as a kid they just appeared one day. Ha!

I didn't get as much done as I wanted on my trip back to IL. It was mostly go go every day and when I was at home I was working on my cross-stitch. I did enjoy my time of meeting up with old friends and visiting my parents. My sister was happy to join me working on her own projects. I have yet to find the time to get the pictures off my camera! Things should be back to normal on Tuesday. I go back to work/etc.

Here is what I got done so far on my PB&J cross stitch.

OH! I also purchased a new Honda CR-V while out in IL and my Dad was nice enough to help me get it back to PA.

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stina said...

i love the cats! so cute!