Friday, September 4, 2009

Trip and More Halloween Ideas

More then likely this will be my last post for a little bit. I leave on Saturday to go back home to IL. I'm excited to see my parents and sister. Have a few old friends I will be seeing.

I will be bringing along a few projects to work on and convincing my sister to bring her own so we can craft together. My mom informed me of a new fabric store in the area so I will be visiting that. I usually like to buy fabric scarps to work with. I do want to work on a quilt one day but if you read in my past posts I really do fail at the sewing machine right now.

I will miss my guinea pigs and Nick.

Here is a few more Halloween Ideas:

Here is awesome Halloween patterns you can use as garlands or gift tags. Both patterns and directions found at Paper Crave's website.
NOTE: I am not much of a artist so it always delights me when someone else does the artwork and offers free patterns/etc.

Here is some always Fall/Halloweenish tags you can find at Lolly Chops website. The website has a wide range of tags like these so you can easily find one for every holiday or occasion.

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