Saturday, September 19, 2009

Big Post Coming Up!

I have so much stuff I want to post about so this one will be huge. My sister attempted to teach me how to croshay. Which I ended up failing at. I guess what didn't help was after she showed me how to do something she backed up stating she was wrong and do it this way. That happened every 5mins so I just gave up. I love my sister of course. <3

The picture above is her work. She is making blankies for my parents dogs to fluff up and sleep in.

Here is the cross-stitch my sister was working on as well. We tease one another because she likes to work from a pattern with all the colors/etc. laid out. I usually draw my designs on the material and go from there.

My sister and me are huge LUSH fans as well. Since there isn't one around where I live I was happy to go along for the shopping. My sister and I got way too much stuff but we will use it all of course. ;D I also got a few goodies for free and some samples/etc. I would so love to work at a LUSH store. I wonder if they accept weekend workers. They also have face masks that you can only buy in the stores. They only last for a month and you have to keep them in a frig. Another lovely plus is my bathroom smells like Lush thanks to all my buys. <3

Also, did a little shopping at My Paper Crane's online store. I got some of her fabric and a pin. The little house was a extra gift sent by her.

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