Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vintage Halloween

Yes, I'm sure you have figured out how much I love Halloween. I am really not into the scare yourself silly part though. I don't go visiting haunted houses/etc. The last time I got dragged to one I ended up hitting the person that was trying to scare me. I just can't get into paying for someone to scare me. No, I didn't hurt the man. I hit him in the shoulder and he was rather shocked.

I LOVE vintage Halloween items. Here are some awesome vintage Halloween items I found on Etsy.

(From left to right) List:
1. Little Witch - Cherryjn
2. Halloween Witch Card - Bellasera Designs
3. Halloween Trick or Treat Bundle - Flea Market Studio
4. The Great Pumpkin - Pink Grape Fruit Style
5. 1930's Hallowe'en Illustration Print with Poem - Kelley Street Vintage
6. Orange and Black Prize Ribbon - Little Pink Studio
7. Vintage 1980's Honeycomb Paper Halloween Trio - Tracey Anns
8. Halloween party hat vintage - Crepe Confectionary
9. Vintage Wednesday Addams Dress - Shrinkle

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