Friday, September 4, 2009

PB&J Love and Pink Dinosaur

Just wanted to post a sneak peek at my next cross stitch projects. Well two of them. I have about 3 right now I am working on. I go back and forth.

The start of my PB&J cross stitch. This is just a ruff draft. I'll have it all filled in/etc. hopefully. I'll be adding a heart as well. I'm thinking of adding in felt eyes and a mouth but not sure yet.

This is my Pink Dinosaur so far. It turned into a big project for me so I am going back to smaller projects in between. Why I am working on 3 projects at once. Something else I am kicking myself for is I ran out of the light pink thread. I have tons of different shades of pink but not this one PLUS I can't find the number for the thread I was using. I think I'll just go with another pink color and see how it looks. Crossing my fingers on that one.

My other one is a slice of strawberry cake that will have the words, "Let Them Eat Cake." No picture of that one yet. So far I just drew it out on the fabric I am using.

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