Friday, September 7, 2012

Roller Derby: Part 2

Something I forgot to mention in my last post! I actually am starting this journey with a friend I've know since High School. We have always wanted to do roller derby and we both actually moved back to IL this year. Can we say fate? I am excited that she is doing this with me. Not only can we share car pooling but we can support one another.

She has also been going skating a lot with me at the local roller rinks around us. We try and go at least once a week leading up to official practice. We have talked about outside skating once she gets her own Roller Derby Skates. I can't wait for that!

(Photo taken from C.C.R.D.)

Both of us attended the first meeting. I am so happy they had a package to hand out because I was still out of it from GenCon! After reading over the package and talking to a few ladies that night I became more excited to start. There is a few weeks between that meeting and the official practice date(next week). The league wanted to give everyone a chance to get everything together. 

I loved the meeting and the no B.S. conversation they had with us. That we will go home for awhile after practice and pretty much fall into bed to pass out. That it's not the question of, "Will I get hurt?" but "When I get hurt?" I also found out another usage for Maxi Pads - they are good to stuff in the back of your shorts for spin/butt padding. The ladies in the league also brought up another good point - buying cheap will not protect you in derby. After pricing all the equipment I would need, it can be really expensive but I want to make sure I am well protected so it's worth it to me.

I also found out awhile ago and it was brought up in the meeting that there is a official rooster for Roller Derby Names! I already have mine picked out so I am hoping I get it. Not going to share it yet, until I know for sure I can have it. 

(Picture taken from C.C.R.D.)

Something else I have learned - It's better to buy all your derby gear from a shop that is owned by someone that did/is currently doing Roller Derby. You attempt to go into a sports store for example and try to talk about what you need? That random person will have no clue. It makes sense and that means the shop owner will know everything about the equipment she is selling.

I actually purchased all of my equipment from Roller Girl Skates.

I loved all the videos on the website which made it so much easier for me to figure out the sizing and what I needed. Also, the owners are currently doing Roller Derby so they supply gear that they can back and currently are using. I love the reviews they give on what they like and customers can leave there own reviews on products.

In my package from C.C.R.D. was a ton of information on the equipment I will need and what I should look for which made it even easier to find out what I wanted! Also in the package was the Newbie Training Plan! I will actually be practicing in a green shirt when I first start. My friend and I have already decided it will be fun to get a couple of shirts and decorate them together. Something to remember the pain and fun those first weeks of practice. Once we are done with that level, we then move on to gray t-shirts which means we can start doing the contact part of practice/derby. At the final we can start wearing the league colors and scrimmaging. I can't wait to work on all of this!

Hopefully I won't be too sore next week to make a post! 

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Avital Elizabeth said...

This sounds very cool! I have only been to one roller derby match, but it was exciting. It looked pretty rough, so be careful. And have fun!