Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dice Bags!!!

How to start out this story? One day a nerd girl meet a nerd boy and he asked her to listen to some nerd music? She wasn't sure at first but always willing to listen to new music, she was directed to a site. The nerd girl listened to everything she downloaded and fell in love. She then went out in the world to tell her other nerd friends about this amazing nerd music. The rest is history?

I have listened to a few Nerdcore artists through out the years but really had no idea how big the music was. I think my fellow nerd friends failed me? Pete within the first month of meeting him, had me downloading music from Scrub Club Records. Being a fan for a number of years and knowing several of the artists personally and attending a lot of there shows, Pete was happy to share several stories with me. It's not really shocking I fell in love (both with the music and him). Also, now that I have meet a few of the artists both in person and through the wonderful internets, they have my nerd love even more.

If you love music that has themes from all kinds of different fandoms( Ex: video games, doctor who, comics, harry potter, etc) then I highly recommend you check out  Scrub Club Records. Seriously, I doubt you will be disappointed and I really think you can find at least one artist you will love.

Taken from Scrub Club Recrod's Website:
Not only are we independent, we're also not-for-profit. Yes, you read that right - the label itself gets zero cut of the money! We release and distribute albums, promote our artists, book events, direct street teams, and offer awesome merchandise all by the power of donations from supporters and cash from our own pockets.

All of our albums are available for free so that there are no barriers in the way of a potential listener. The whole world is welcome to check out our music and other projects for free, and if they dig it enough, they are welcome to give a few bucks. If they can't, that's all good - we make our art to entertain and enlighten, getting reimbursed is not our focus.

I have no idea even how the idea came up but I wanted to donate something besides money. Maybe the fact, I always like to be different? The thought originally was going to be a couple of knitted items that they could sell. Course, I can never do a couple of "simple" things so it exploded into a number of dice bags that you can see below. It was insane work for me and trying to get it all done. I enjoyed every minute of it even though I wanted to pull my hair out at every dice bag. I think everything that went into the dice bag; knitting, crocheting, felt design, and embroidery took about 10 hours to each one.
Not hard to guess what these diced bags were made after? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I couldn't help it. A few of the artists in Scrub Club Records are big fans of the show as well. I think, these dice bags were my biggest pain. I'm not sure if I will ever agree to do them again but we will see.

The rest of the dice bags! Here we have Zelda, Batman, Mario, and finally Scrub Club Records symbol. These guys weren't that difficult to make. I had to do a Batman themed dice bag since I'm such a huge fan. I can't wait to see all of these sold and used for nerd gaming.

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