Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here are a few of my cross-stitch and embroidery pieces that are now up in my Etsy shop. All of these pieces were created by myself and my not so wonderful drawing skills. I think it turned out well...

My next one is going to be something for me and no one else. I am jealous that everything I make goes into my shop. I want something for myself. I have a little sketch of a guinea pig I'm going to work with I think.

I have a long love for ice cream. I will eat it in any season and never turn it down. A bowl of ice cream always lifts my spirits.

Dinosaurs seem to only be for the boys out there. I made a couple for just us girls!

My inspiration behind this Strawberry Cake is the movie Marie Antoinette and the quote, "Let them eat cake." I had to include the lace, bows, flowers, and crown too.

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apparentlyjessy said...

These are very sweet! I love the dinosaur ones :)