Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 ReCap

Pretty much my recap of 2009! Here are a few pictures:

Abby my newest guinea pig came to join my little family. She is doing really well and currently is sharing a cage with my oldest guinea pig Ethie.

Took a trip back home to IL to visit family. My sister as well flew out from WA which was awesome of her. My family lives about 20mins from St. Louis, MO. They don't get all the cold weather like Chicago.

My Uncle's passing this year so I flew out to CA. I spent half my childhood out there. It was very sad I and my family misses him so much.

The opening of my Etsy shop! Thank you to everyone that has supported me.

My first ever commission from Linds at SickForCute. This is actually one of her own artwork she wanted me to create in cross-stitch.

Took a cruise ship to Alaska this year with my family. It was amazing and fun! We also spent another week in WA with my sister visiting her.

Another picture from the trip to Alaska.

This doesn't look like much but this little towel got me back into cross-stitching which lead to the opening of my Etsy Shop. I started cross-stitching when I was about 8 and stopped later in high school. Not "cool" enough but I finally got back into it in 2009.

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