Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Once in a blue moon I do get in a baking mood believe it or not. I spent 4+ hours today baking different kinds of cookies. Oh! my graceful self as well did manage to drop a pan of cookies in the oven and they spilled all the way to the bottom. Not much fun and had to stop the baking process to clean it all up.

Baking is always the cheaper Christmas present in my mind. All of these will be going to my work place on Monday.

The cookies here came from the store and walked right into my oven for some cooking. ;D Nothing to exciting but I wanted a variety in my cookie boxes.
These I did make from starch! I got both recipes for the cookies from here:
The Pioneer Woman Website - Love this site. The peppermint cookies I did a little different. Just added the M&Ms on as well. ;D

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OH!! I was in Target the other day and saw these little ADULT footie PJs.
The pink bunny PJs remind me of the ones from the movie A Christmas Story.

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Also! I love Kawaii Not ! The comic strips are just so funny and cute. It's a comic strip for cute gone bad. ;D
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