Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update Update

Sneak peek Cross Stitch: Flying Goomba Super Mario Brothers 3 on TwitpicSneak peek Cross Stitch: Mario Piranha Plant Hair Clip on Twitpic
Just wanted to post some of the cross stitch work I am working on. The first one is a Flying Goomba from Super Mario Brothers 3 and the second is Mario Piranha Plant Hair Clip.

I am working on the TMNT cross stitch as well. I just like to do little projects on the side as well.

Going to do another shop update. Think I will work on doing a update every month at least.

I also need to post a craft swap I did and a awesome Bday present I got. Such amazing work from Linds!

Oh! I also got my awesome necklace from Finestimaginary!
I got it so fast! I was really surprised and the sweet message was a plus. I'll post pics soon. It really is awesome how many folks are doing giveaways! I love it and I find it a game to find them all and post. :D

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