Monday, July 27, 2009

Craft Room

Since my parents are staying a few days with me my Dad being the wonderful person that he is helped to set up some of my IKEA furniture. If you ever have purchased IKEA furniture you know how much of a PAIN it is to assemble it. You get instructions with pictures. No words/etc. Just pictures. Nothing like this A part goes into this A spot. NOTHING....

My Dad having tons of years putting together furniture/etc. He wasn't in the business but having 5 kids you seem to go through a lot of furniture/fixing/etc.

He also is better then me at sewing. I can leave him in the dust with hand stitching but get a sewing machine in there and I fail. He gave me a few lessons today and explained I did not break my sewing machine...yet.

Now on to pictures of my new crafting area. Oh! I want to puff out my chest here and state I did build my own PC. You work IT and you get made fun of at the corner from the other IT folks if you don't have at least one PC you built.

On to the pictures:

You can see the new dark brown IKEA bookcase/desk and the white IKEA draw space. Perfect for scrap booking materials/etc. My Mom has been non stop on telling me how my furniture doesn't match. I really don't care....

NOTE: My furniture matches in all my other rooms. My Mom wanted me to say that in case someone thinks I am tacky...

I still have a few things in plastic bins/etc. I am thinking about getting a tiny table to put my sewing machine on. Then I don't have to move it on and off the desk I have now. Will be looking at Target/Walmart I'm sure.

This is where my girls live. My guinea pigs for those of you starching your heads. My Mom again suggested I have a lovely table cloth to set off the hay and poop everywhere. Oh! and the cloth says Iowa State which I found funny. I didn't graduated college from there either.

Last picture! WHY YES I have tons of figures/toys/plushies. I love supporting my follow indie makers so I buy from them most of the time. I have a whole bookcase with urban vinyl toys that I will have to post soon. They are all in another bookcase I got from IKEA as well.

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