Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Love

 As I have said before... I LOVE Halloween. I love that it's fall and pumpkin/apple picking has started. I am waiting patiently for the leaves to start changing around here so expect tons of photos from that too.

(Me very happy to find the huge pumpkins already.)

I also love the DIY tutorials that run wild on my blog feed this time of year too. Here are a few I have seen and just had to share. Wanted to make sure everyone saw them.
Wild Olive has a awesome tutorial on making your own pumpkin rings that can be used as napkin rings too! Plus, you can have them out till Thanksgiving! Awesome idea.

Awesome DIY skeleton shows by the amazing MyPaperCrane! Pretty easy and simple to follow. Being so tall and having big feet, finding the right shoes is such a pain! Wanting those perfect shoes to match my Halloween outfit is another pain so ideas like this make me happy. Great idea!

Let's not forget Martha Stewart DIY craft ideas for Halloween! There is a ton of tutorials on her website and worth checking out - Martha Stewart.

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