Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Plushies!!!

Created this piece for my Boyfriend for Valentine's Day this year. He actually got me into playing Magic this year. I'm learning and with his 13+ years of experience I am being trained well. I fully admit I enjoy the game and the strategy to it. It's addicting and I love beating my boyfriend when we play.

Mana Pattern:Sprite Stitch
Words Pattern: The Domestic Scientist

I fully admit the only person I will buy plushies from is Lisa over at Ambitious Love. I have know her for years and her work is out standing/amazing/awesome/etc. She takes great care and pays attention to detail with everything she creates. She will make a plushie that you can cuddle for hours too. Personally experience based on that last comment.

Recently I commissioned her to make Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood/Doctor Who and Cole MacGrath from Infamous. The other guy is Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins. Yes, both games mentioned can be easily named my favorites. I'm also a HUGE Doctor Who fan and fell in love with Captain Jack when he was first introduce. I started watching Torchwood but haven't finished. I secretly hope that Captain Jack makes an appearance in Season 7 of Doctor Who.

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Johannah Doll said...

Pete is spoiled :p ;)