Friday, February 12, 2010


Here is something I just finished for my sister for Vday. I know it's late but at least she can have it hanging all year long.
The pattern came from St. Vicious Blog. Amazing artist and she was offering this as a PDF V-day card. I thought it would look amazing with embroidery work.

Oh! Here is my recent tattoo. I love it completely. MyPaperCrane's husband Tom. He created the design and did the tattooing for me. He is a amazing guy just like his wife.
I have another tattoo planned as well. Oh and I'm sure my mom will find out somehow. She hates all of my tattoos. I love you mom!

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apparentlyjessy said...

I really love the embroidery you did for your sister, it is just too cute, and the simple colours are great!
Love your tattoo too, I really should just bite the bullet and get one done.