Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

For those that do not know my Uncle passed away on Friday Oct. 11th. He was my dad's brother. I think tears have been shed all over the world this weekend within our family.

My Aunt woke him up along with her daughter, husband, and there child. They said happy Birthday and sang to him. They all left to let him sleep in a bit longer. My aunt went to make coffee. Returning about 20mins later she found him gone. I think the fact that really upsets her is that morning he asked her to stay in bed a little longer. She refused stating she was old and it will only make her feel worse. She is just completely besides herself.

I think it was said later he died of heart failure. I'm not really clear on the details and more then likely will find out when I go out there for this celebration of life. I will have to fly back to Northern, CA this weekend.

There will be no funeral as my Uncle hated them. He will be cremated and we will have a celebration of life. I have never been to one so any advice on what to expect I would love to hear.

What is really shocking is my Uncle wasn't sick for months. My parents talked to him last weekend and he reported no sickness/etc. He was there and now he's gone which I think is a bigger shock to us all. I still can't believe it myself. It brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about it or talk about it.

I will miss my Uncle dearly. RIP Uncle John. You taught me laughter through tears helps to get through things.

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