Friday, August 14, 2009

Even Mario Has Bad Days

Sneak Peek: Even Mario Has Bad Days! :D

Just wanted to post this before I get busy with packing/etc. I will be out of town all next week because of work.

I also took my Etsy Shop down for right now. It made me feel naked but at least I can work on a bigger update when I get back. I am bringing projects with me of course to do while in the hotel room and those nights of not sleeping. I have problems sleeping in a hotel room by myself.

Halloween is coming up too! Which is what I will gear my next update too.

I will be gone again in September which I plain on Nick taking care of shipping/etc. while I am gone. I don't want to take my shop down again so close to Halloween. :D

I hope everyone has a great weekend and week! I have no idea if I will be updating.

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